The ultimate dispatch solution for
Fire and Rescue services

Unique Fire is the multi-role CAD system designed for call-takers, dispatchers and supervisors of fire departments. It includes software modules for the operations conducted in detached Stations and for the on-board activity of mobile Units. The entire platform is fine tuned to accomplish a Rapid Responders Mobilizing and to help the department executing its Standard Operating Procedures and its Pre-determined Attendance & Response plans, yet giving the dispatchers the maximum decisional autonomy. The ProQA Paramount Titanium certifications is the proof of the high-level benefits available to our customers.


  • 100% customizable database
  • Collaborative environment
  • Support for alternation after shift
  • Highly customizable territorial management
  • Rapid responders mobilizing
  • Integration with on-board vehicle software
  • Integration with radio systems
  • Emergency Mobile Link for mobile interaction


FlagMii EML
The most effective tool to keep in touch with mobile callers.
  • No app required
  • Three-way chat (Conference)
  • Geo-location
  • Video and Images
  • Real-time interpreting

The benefits of a
modern fire software

Internet of Thing (IoT) support

Include connected devices, such as webcams, hydrants, power supplies and sensors to your dispatch process overview.

Hybrid approach

Never mind about SaaS, Cloud and on-premise licensing models: adopt just what you really need, when you exactly need it.

Real-time view of the Incident scene

Thanks to our mobile link, dispatchers and call-takers can benefit an immediate outlook of several POIs.

State of the art decision-making support

Let the software engine aid your operators with effective hints, suggested procedures and smart alerts.

Software solutions for Fire Services

- Unique FIRE® -

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Titanium Certified

1st CAD with ProQA Paramount TITANIUM Certification in Europe for Fire


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